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    —— 配方顆粒 ——

    Liaoning Shangyao Good Nurse Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., one of the top 500 pharmaceutical companies in the world and the second largest pharmaceutical group in China. It is located in Benxi City, Liaoning Province, China, with a registered capital of 5000 Ten thousand yuan, with an annual sales of 800 million yuan. The company has a history of 100 years of traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy, and its main business is traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, Chinese patent medicines, and health care products.

    Good nurse Chinese medicine formula granules

    The origin of medicine│good medicinal materials│good medicine

    Authentic selection of materials, controllable source

    The management centers of six medicinal materials bases in Liaoning, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shandong, Hunan and Ningxia cover more than 20 provinces. There are 137 self-owned medicinal materials planting bases with a planting area of more than 300,000 mu. Covering more than 95% of commonly used clinical varieties, reaching more than 300.

    Back to the source

    Establish a traceability management system for Chinese medicinal materials, which can trace comprehensive information such as the origin, cultivation, management, and testing of medicinal materials. To ensure the supply of high-quality, natural, and pure Chinese medicinal materials, the first step is to ensure the quality of products.

    Innovative research and development│A bowl of soup and medicine inherited from the ancestors, fidelity and efficacy

    Integrate and apply recent scientific and technological achievements, inherit the essence of traditional decoctions, and ensure the consistency of the formula particles and traditional decoctions as the core to ensure the inheritance and innovation of the process and ensure the efficacy.

    Lean pharmaceutical│constant process and stable quality

    Follow the ancient method and concoct

    Refer to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and local medicinal materials processing specifications, inherit ancient methods, use modern technology to inherit and improve key processes, and use core quality control technology to ensure the consistency of medicinal materials processing effects and ensure consistency of efficacy.

    Smart production

    Standardized production technology, automatic production of extraction and concentration in the whole process, provide the greatest guarantee for improving product quality and ensuring quality balance and stability.

    Process individualization

    According to the characteristics and attributes of different medicinal materials, different and individualized processing techniques are adopted to keep improving, to maximize the retention of the active ingredients of Chinese medicine, realize the extraction of all ingredients, retain the four Qi and five flavors of Chinese medicine, and ensure the efficacy of the final product.

    Advanced technology

    The use of low-temperature vacuum belt drying technology, molecular inclusion technology, dry granulation technology and other advanced technology to achieve the retention of all ingredients and retain the efficacy.

    Whole-process quality control│Safe and effective Take rest assured

    Three-level quality control, double inspection

    Using core detection technologies such as high-performance liquid chromatography, characteristic maps or fingerprint maps, and near-infrared detection, conduct online and offline double inspections, and perform three-level quality monitoring on raw medicinal materials, production process intermediates and finished products to ensure the integrity from source to finished product Quality delivery. Ensure product safety, effectiveness, stability and controllability.

    International safety inspection

    The four safety indicators of pesticide residues, heavy metals and harmful elements, aflatoxins, and sulfur dioxide residues are comprehensively tested to ensure product safety.

    In the future, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Good Nurses Group will, with the strong support of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Group, lead and expand the market with scientific research and academic motivation, conduct in-depth clinical evidence-based research on the company’s series of proprietary Chinese medicines, and actively participate in the national and international standards of Chinese medicine formula particles. Formulated to comprehensively enhance the company's influence at home and abroad, expand overseas markets, and increase market share. In the future, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Good Nurses Group will continue to promote the development of Chinese medicine, and become a pioneer, practitioner and leader in the industry of Chinese medicine formula granules.
    Good nurse Chinese medicine formula granules, work hard for your health!

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